You Got Questions, We Got Answers

How much is a crate?

The first order includes three crates. Since we’re giving you the first one free, the individual price per crates drops to $13.32. The cost for the initial three crates is $39.98 and from there, each crate costs $19.99, which includes all of the contents in the crate, packaging, shipping and tax.

How many crates are in an order?

The first purchase comes with 3 crates. This allows us to get to know your inmate and tailor the box toward what she or he may like. After that, you can cancel your subscription any time.

Why can’t I send just one?

It takes us a couple crates to narrow down what we ship to ensure your friend or family member will love it. Therefore, we start with three crates and from there you can send them one at a time.

Can I split up my crates to go to more than one person?

Since we are trying to get to know your friend or family member better and tailor the crate contents for him/her, we need to send each person 3 crates. For this reason, we do not allow purchases to be divided to multiple people.

Who’s behind Crates for Inmates?

I’m a girl with a dog who hopes to brighten the day for our dads, moms, sisters, brothers and friends behind bars.

We all have a story and we all make mistakes. Just because someone is incarcerated doesn’t mean that the rest of their friends’ and family members’ lives have to be dark. A crate with a snack, book and a clean tooth brush can make even the most hardened criminal smile, and that’s what we try to do.

One month at a time. One crate at a time. One smile at a time.